Alarmed by the gunfire the four goons draw their weapons. The tall ork-looking human unveils a Browning Max-Power tucked in his back and the three smaller men each go for Berettas in an under arm holster. Jordan floors it and the van races forward, past the now unidentifiable body of the elf.

Bullets glide past your head and rebound off the frame of the van sending fireworks of sparks into the air. The gunmen have little time to react as they try to jump out of the way of the speeding van. One of the smaller guys is battered by the vehicle while the other three dodge to the sides of the van, two on your side and one on the driver’s side by the water.

The van halts to a stop. Dorsey jumps out the open back door and onto the wanna-be ork, wrestling him for his gun. You duck out of the way of a bullet from one of the Berettas then put two rounds into the guy who shot at you. Dorsey pummels the human in the chest while holding his trigger hand down. A firm head butt to the nose knocks him out cold. Jordan opens his door and steps on the gas again, giving the guy on his side nowhere to go but into the bay.

There is a splash, then silence.

All around you are bodies. No time to waste, you don’t want to stick around any longer and chance an encounter with Lone Star.

Sometimes you just gotta dip…


Ronin DarkMagus