This is to be a choose your own adventure type of experience. In progress, need scene images, some story extrapolation, etc.

We are now opening this up for volunteers to develop. Please leave existing text as is, though you may link off of story choices that have not been completed yet.

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You have found Ronin.

In Ronin, you are a Street Samurai named Duster. You are a deniable asset. A non-existent soldier in the corporate wars. You are a Shadowrunner. And life ain’t always easy…

This game will present the player with a scene, and choices on what to do. The story has many endings, both good and bad. There are multiple story arcs and many different methods of dealing with a situation. Your goal is to finish a storyline, and hopefully survive.

Most of the game takes place in Seattle, a small metroplex which is surrounded by hostile governments, the lone western outpost town of the United Canadian and American States.

Remember, there are no wrong ways to play this, if there’s an option you want to choose, choose it!

We encourage Obsidian Portal members playing to leave a comment letting us know what you think!

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