The three of you kill some time playing pool at 8-ball and then head back to Black Ed’s.

This time the doorman lets you in without any questions, having just seen you an hour ago.

“Ed will see you now.”

“Thanks.” You say in passing.

Ed is on the phone when you step into his office. He hold up a single finger and continues uninterrupted.

“Don’t worry about it. It’s all taken care of. I’ve got a hold of my guy and he’ll be here first thing in the morning. You’ll have your money before breakfast.”


“It’s safe. I can assure you.”


“Alright. Good bye.”

He looks up at the three of you, “Ah, Duster! Came back for your uniforms huh? So what’s the deal starting a baseball team?” He’s the only one laughing.

You hand him your credstick and he pulls out a box from under his desk.

Inside are the uniforms, though not quite how you’d pictured them. They are a tacky green with yellow trim and say ‘Buster’ on the back as if you were a professional athlete and that was yourlast name. You were hoping for something much cooler.

“We square?” Asks Ed.

“Yeah.” You close up the box and lead the others out.

When you get back to the stolen truck you change inside the back into your new uniforms. Dorsey’s is a little tight. He keeps tugging at it like a little kid.

“Off to Sakura Garden.”:


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