Miss Tsai Jo Fáng

The Lady in Red


Tsai Jo Fáng is a Seattle native of Cantonese descent. She carries a Cavalier Scout in a thigh holster and a small switchblade in a hidden pocket at the small of her back. She has implants that allow her “benefactor,” the Boxer, to see through her eyes and hear through her ears.

Miss Tsai wears a form-fitting red cocktail dress and, frankly, little else. She carries a small Coach handbag with a small stack of slap patches inside, hidden in the lining.


Tsai works for an as-yet unknown entity, a man calling himself Boxer, who has her working in nightclubs throughout Seattle, luring men with her looks and grace, then applying a slap patch to them that causes an uncontrollable euphoric feeling to overwhelm the victim.

Tsai Jo Fáng has a younger sister, Tsai Jo Lin, who is a Shadowrunner not unlike Duster.

Miss Tsai Jo Fáng

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