Started project, outlined basic idea, working on structure and tie up points.

gaaran joined, Duskreign joined, Rase invited, Ampris invited.

Going to try to get at least 10 minutes of play done today, playtested by my wife.

Check with Duskreign on his story arc.

Main plot here, will be removed later:

Ronin Story

(Railroad Version)

Duster is to meet a Johnson at Matchsticks.

Johnson to blackmail Duster with video of Duster raiding a Mitsuhama warehouse a few months ago. Jordan was in the video too, as well as a mage of acquaintance.

The job is to steal a rare artifact from a Yakuza safehouse. The artifact is a simple statue. (Inside the statue is about 2Million nuyen worth of ultra pure “Snake” a highly potent and addictive street drug, though Duster will not be told this) He is to trade the artifact for the videos. The Johnson will give Duster a contact number.

The Johnson will attempt to keep both the statue and the videos. (For later use)

If Duster finds out about the drugs (likely, considering how hard the Yakuza will fight over a simple statue) he may be able to actually wrangle real payment out of the deal, or go another direction entirely.

Yadda yadda.



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